2017 Basel:Tudor Heritage Black Bay S & G

Replica Tudor Heritage Black Bay

2017, Tudor classic name Heritage Black Bay diving watch new gold and steel watch models. Tudor Heritage Black Bay S & G with Tudor table manufacturing movement MT5612, the calendar function into the Heritage Black Bay series.

This classic watch is designed to commemorate the sixtieth anniversary of the birth of the rudder diving watch, the tradition of superb craftsmanship, gold to create new watches, named gold steel, gold and steel, for the Heritage Black Bay series add a new color. This watch follows the line and the proportion of Biwan series, rotating outer ring and the chain crown is made of gold. The central chain of the steel strap is also adopted With this precious metal, giving the watch more formal dignified view.

Tudor table from the brand in the fifties and sixties discount riveted strap to draw inspiration, design Heritage Black Bay gold steel watch strap. Straps on both sides of the strap to rivet head connection, the structure was stepped, these design features known in the world. Kai Cheng Bi Bay gold steel watch strap on the one hand into the two classic aesthetic features, on the other hand the use of solid links, the modern manufacturing process integration. This watch has two straps optional, the other for the steel discount black antique belt, and an additional brown weave strap. The strap is made from the traditional Jacquard craft in the St-Etienne region of France. It is a major feature of the Tudoru Kai series. This process is originated from the local family business with a long history of 150 years.

Tudor Heritage Black Bay is based on the historical tradition of the Tudor table and is a blend of past and present. The overall shape of the new watch, dome dial and mirror, are inherited the first Tudor diving table design essence. Significant eye-catching crown crown from the Tudor table 1958 launched the “big crown” watch (model
7924), this watch for the first waterproof only 200 meters deep Tudor watch. Dial on the “snow” pointer unique, angular, is derived from the seventies of the twentieth century for the French Navy to provide watches the classic style. http://www.watchesline.co/

Tudor Heritage Black Bay
Tudor Heritage Black Bay

Model: 79733N

Case: polished and matte steel case, 41 mm in diameter

Outer ring
Gold one-way rotation minute scale outer ring
Matte black anodized aluminum circle
Gold mark

Power reserve: about 70 hours

On the crown
Gold screw into the chain crown
Engraved with black paint Tudor table roses logo
With black anodized aluminum chain crown

Dial: black, round arched

Mirror: round arched blue crystal mirror

Waterproof: Waterproof depth of 200 meters (660 feet)

Gold and steel strap or antique belt
With discount and insurance deduction
With the table attached to the weave strap, with buckle

Movement model
Tudor table manufacturing movement MT5612
Two – way pendulum system automatic winding mechanical movement

Swiss Precision Time Meter Testing Center (COSC)
Awarded the Swiss Observatory certification

Central time, minute and second hand
Fast track jump calendar, no adjustment time limit
Stop the second function to accurately adjust the time

Hairspring balance wheel
Inertia fine-tuning balance balance wheel, fine-tuning screw
Non-magnetic silicon gossamer

Frequency: 288800 hours per hour (4 Hz)

Total diameter: 31.8 mm

Thickness: 6.5 mm

Number of stones: 26 stars

Power reserve: about 70 hours

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