2017 New Breguet Marine equation Marchante 5887 Watch Reviews

Replica Breguet Marine

Adhering to the historical achievements of this unilateral table altar, Breguet launched the world’s unique masterpiece – Breguet Marine equation Marchante 5887 Watch Reviews. This remarkable complex function watch, marking the Breguet Marine into a new era.The time equation display is an unusual and mysterious watch complex function that shows the difference between the average sun time (“flat sun”) and the real sun time (“true sun”). Flat sun, that is, civilian, refers to the clock that the local standard time; true sun is reflected when the sun really movement law.

The watch subverts the traditional design through two separate minute hands while displaying both civilian and sun. The sun when the pointer to hollow engraved golden sun for the decoration, you can directly read the real sun time. However, seemingly simple display behind, but it is a few top watchmakers to complete the precise structure. The sun when the pointer must meet the two requirements: First, as the civilian as a pointer along the dial as a continuous rotation; the second is based on 8-shaped curve, the daily adjustment and civil use of the angle between the pointer. Breguet This innovative design principle is that the sun when the pointer is driven by a differential gear, power from two completely independent rotating frame: a driving civilian when the pointer rotation, and the other through the time equivalent cam connected to the putter Control, time The cam is rotated every year for a full week. Breguet R & D time Equal cam is extremely slim, placed on a transparent sapphire disc, calibrated once a month.

Replica Breguet Marine
Replica Breguet Marine

In addition to the mysterious time equation function, this excellent complex features watch also has one of the three complex functions of the calendar function. Dial 10 o’clock to 11 o’clock position with a week show window, 1 o’clock to 2 o’clock position display month and leap calendar. The tip of the needle is decorated with an anchor pointer, and the fan is rotated from the inside of the scale ring from 9:00 to 3:00, indicating the date. Dial information display after careful layout, beautiful and concise, at a glance.

Equipped with 581DR self-winding movement, for the watch to add a re-proud of the complex features: 60 seconds Tourbillon, titanium frame built-in Breguet balance wheel, with silky gossamer. This innovative design allows the balance wheel vibration frequency up to 4 Hz, while the self-winding movement to provide up to 80 hours of sufficient power reserve. Dial 7 to 9 o’clock position with power reserve display.

The front of the dial is decorated with two different patterns, which are designed for this watch. Tourbillon bridge engraved “Marine royale” (Royal Navy) words, eye-catching. On the bridge deck carefully carved the French Royal Navy warships “Louis Royal” (Royal Louis), through the sapphire crystal bottom cover, fine details of the panoramic view. Clockwork box decorated with wind rose sailing compass pattern. Automatic hammer is located in the movement of the outer edge of the layout of exquisite, gorgeous decoration so that this section automatically winding movement to perfection.

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