2017 New Tudor Heritage Black Bay 41mm 79540-0003

Tudor Heritage Black Bay 41mm

The new Tudor Heritage Black Bay 41mm 79540-0003 watch case diameter of 41 mm, with a thin middle case and polished steel fixed outer ring, Heritage Black Bay watch classic aesthetic features show most vividly. This in 2017 Basel World launched the watch, both elegant temperament and sports atmosphere, in a formal rigorous style to accurately grasp the essence of the Beyan series.

The watch design of the watch from the twentieth century, the Tudor diving table to draw inspiration, into an elegant black paint style. This watch with the majority of collectors familiar, known as the “snow” of the angular pointer. This distinctive indicator has appeared in the brand 1969 product catalog. In addition, the new watch also follows the huge chain crown, which is the first generation of water depth of 200 meters (660 feet) Tudor dive table typical features.

Heritage Black Bay 41mm retains the overall shape of the Beyan series, the appearance of more solemn, elegant temperament and sports atmosphere coexist. It is particularly worth mentioning that, after the redesign of the middle case becomes more slim, so that the watch can easily slide into the shirt cuffs. Adhering to the same spirit, this watch selection of flat blue crystal mirror, different from the Black Bay series of other models of the dome-shaped mirror, polished steel to the outer ring to create a simple effect.

Wrist watch with steel strap and steel buckle brown belt for selection, and are accompanied by an additional urban camouflage style weave strap. The weaving pattern is made by traditional Jacquard craft in the St-Etienne region of France. It is a great feature of the Tudoru Kai series, which originated from the local family with a long history of 150 years.

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