2017 SIHH: Ulysse Nardin Marine Tourbillon Watch1283-181/EO Reviews

[Watch house 2017 Geneva watch] Sailing is Ulysse Nardin since 1846 since the creation of the theme has been the same, 2017 a surprising new watch, this Marine Tourbillon Watch1283-181 / EO joined Ulysse Nardin Marine series The The story of the early sailing timetable created the momentum of the maritime series.

43 mm stainless steel case both delicate design and practicality, this Tourbillon watch, reflecting the high-level watch industry is one of the amazing and complex features. In fact, tourbillon production, is to resist the gravity caused by the error, but also one of the best achievements of the mechanical watch industry.

Watch the use of white large fire enamel face plate, dial is made by one of the members of the Group of Athens Donzé Cadrans production. Donzé Cadrans craftsmen in the production of enamel face plate exquisite craft is also the world relish. Pure white, is also extremely difficult process achievements. In addition to the elegant large enamel plate, watch with a high degree of identification characteristics of the navigation series. At 12 o’clock direction, equipped with 60 hours of power reserve display, as well as elegant pointer and Roman numerals.

Crown cover gear rubber, to enhance the chain and the timing of the friction, enhance comfort, screw-in crown to ensure that 100 meters waterproof. Crocodile leather strap is also a combination of technology and art, for the maritime enamel enamel Tourbillon watch a perfect period. Equipped with a new UN-128 self-winding movement, in the birthplace of Ulysse Nardin Switzerland Leroke homemade design research and development. Nautical Daoming Enamel Tourbillon shows the brand in the field of mobile manufacturing continued independent development of the spirit of the study. Watches with silicon technology features, with 60 hours of power reserve. In the dial at 6 o’clock position, there is also a representative of the watchmaker on the technology of continuous flying tourbillon.Replica Ulysse Nardin watches

Ulysse Nardin Marine Tourbillon Watch1283-181/EO
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