Exact Replica Ulysse Nardin Classic Anchor Tourbillon 1782-133 / E0-60

Ulysse Nardin Classic AnchRor Tourbillon 1782-133/E0-60

Ulysse Nardin Classic Anchor Tourbillon 1782-133 / E0-60 with traditional technology integration avant-garde technology, and with complex features, so watch has a very elegant and refined appearance, very fine. Watch for men to build, table diameter 44 mm, simple appearance is the best interpretation of the temperament of the gentleman. Round case with 18K rose gold to create, exudes a soft color, highlighting the low-key luxury.

Enamel enamel dial contains a fine alchemical process, enamel master need to estimate the exact number of powder required, but also must accurately estimate the appropriate density and the required firing time to achieve the desired color and stability, timeless. If the firing time is slightly longer, enamel may be cracks, so the production process requires precise control, not bad cents, which also confirms the enamel master after years of extraordinary skills of precipitation.

In the dial at six o’clock position is placed Tourbillon components, Tourbillon watch is one of the three complex technology, but also one of the highlights of this watch. Tourbillon rely on the delicate parts of the structure with the ability to resist the gravity of the earth, exquisite grinding and delicate structure of the same tourbillon looks very sophisticated and beautiful.

18K rose gold to create the case of round and elegant lines, bright shiny, unique shape of the ear and the case of integration, and natural straps convergence. Crown at 3 o’clock position, precision gear pattern to bring a comfortable feel and perfect visual enjoyment, the top of the Athens brand LOGO, blue as the substrate more deep and elegant. Watch the dark blue leather strap leather texture clear, both sides of the pressure line design, more fashionable atmosphere. And has a good wear resistance, and very comfortable to wear feelings. Watch with a needle-shaped clasp, the same 18K rose gold made, and engraved with Ulysse Nardin brand LOGO, not only as a brand of imprint, but also played a perfect embellishment effect. The bottom shell with back through the design, through the sapphire crystal glass can clearly see the movement of the operation, can really feel the complex movement of the work. The internal carrying UN-178 manual winding movement, the movement can also see the beautiful Geneva pattern, which shows the exquisite watchmaking process in Athens. Power storage for up to 170 hours.

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